Velorbis in Bike Biz women in cycling article

According to Bike Biz’s 2009 industry salary survey, women are still drastically underrepresented in the trade, with females representing as little as 5% of the UK’s bicycle business. “Companies such as Velorbis are working hard to attract female consumers to cycling. But maybe the bike business needs to also work harder at tempting women to join the […]

Velorbis Scrap Deluxe upright bikes in Newsweek

In the Newsweek article – “Cycling While Styling” – Erin Prah makes the link between fashion and bicycles and talks about how chic, retro styled statement cycles combine utility with luxurious good looks. We’re pleased to say that our funky and unique Scrap Deluxe ladies and Scrap Deluxe gents designer bikes got the seal of approval from Erin’s expert eye.  “Leading the […]

The Times – “Sit up and take notice” article

Velorbis’s Victoria Classic ladies bicycle and Churchill Classic gents bike were featured in The Times article – “Sit up and take notice” – in which journalist Andrew Martin applauds the return of a classic bicycle shape in his prelude to the 2007 London Cycle Show. “A company called Velorbis will be exhibiting the latest in its range of ‘elegant, classic bicycles at the […]

Velorbis Victoria Classic in Red Magazine

    The darling of bicycles, the Velorbis Victoria Classic ladies bicycle was used to illustrate Red Magazine’s health feature on urban cycling –“On your bike”. “There’s something cool about people who cycle: fit, environmentally aware and a little fearless.”  Velorbis agrees. One lucky winner won her very own Velorbis Victoria Classic ladies bicycle

Velorbis bicycle featured in BBC’s Great British Journeys

  We know who explored new worlds, conquered mountains and sailed oceans. But who discovered Britain? In this fascinating series by the BBC – “Great British Journeys” – Nick Crane, the renowned expert cartographer, historian and explorer, asked this vey question and investigated eight epic and challenging journeys, following in the footsteps of Britain’s greatest […]