Contract for renting a bicycle by Velorbis

  • Before taking your bicycle in use, please control your bicycle for defects
  •  If any defects are to find, please let us know
  • Renting a bicycle by Velorbis is at one’s own responsibility/risk. Therefore, Velorbis is not liable for any injury or any other damages including a fine made out by the authority
  • It is at one’s own responsibility to lock one’s bicycle even if it is only for a short period of time, you leave the bicycle out of sight
  • When renting a bicycle it is at one’s own responsibility that the bicycle is not exposed to unnecessary risk or gross negligence
  • When renting a bicycle, you must show a personal identity card e.g. passport or driver license
  • If the bicycle is stolen during the renting period, the hirer of the bicycle is fined 1.500 Danish Kroner
  • If the key for the bicycle is lost during the renting period, the hirer of the bicycle is fined 250 Danish Kroner
  • Gross negligence will lead to the liability of the hirer for the amount of the entire bicycle
  • The hirer is expected to comply with the existing laws of traffic and exhibit good behaviour in traffic

The hirer confirms by ticking this box that he/she has read and understood the above conditions for the rental