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The original Turborg bicycle – 55 cm, Single speed, Moss Green, RAL 6005, w/ Tuborg logo and custom Tuborg leather saddle. (Tuborg Wood Crate is not included in the price. Tuborg Wood Crate must be purchased as an accessory).

The Tuborg Cargo Short John by Velorbis is a lighter re-make of the iconic original version produced more than 70 years ago. It is a ‘special edition’ contemporary urban commuter bicycle. We have taken the basis of the original design and functionality and made the total WEIGHT of the bicycle about 8 kg lighter by amending the construction of the front carrier. The front load capability is now 40 kg; making it suitable for modern urban transportation needs, whilst ensuring that the bicycle is lighter and more flexible.

The Tuborg Cargo Short John is produced in Germany and is constructed from best-in-class bicycle components. It is built to the highest quality standards on the market today. We use German steel for frames and European sourced premium components such as Sturmey Archer and Schwalbe. The Tuborg Cargo bicycle is designed to resist the tough Scandinavian weather where snow, frost and salt constantly threaten to attack every single component of the bicycle. To prevent this from happening we have equipped these bicycles with zinc-plated mudguards and front carrier; double powder coated and rust protected ‘edelstahl’ steel frames with a layer of clear coating on top to prevent easy scratching; stainless steel handlebars, stems, seat posts and nuts and bolts; and stainless steel reinforced spokes and nipples. All of these precautionary elements are made at our German factory, enabling us to reduce lead times and give us added flexibility to constantly monitor and optimise our quality control process.

We have fitted the Tuborg Cargo bicycle with a set of balloon tyres for extra comfort. Balloon tyres were fashionable in the first half of the last century and were developed to counteract poor road conditions. Our Big Ben Reflex tyres by the German tyre producer Schwalbe by far outperform the balloon tyres from way back then. In fact Balloon bikes equipped with broad balloon tyres roll easily and are completely effortless to steer. The Balloon tyres therefore make commuting on the cargo bike extremely comfortable and effortless – a truly relaxed experience. Velorbis chose to use Big Ben Reflex balloon tyres because the pneumatic cushioning of these special wide tires naturally absorbs bumps from riding on cobbles and down side curbs, etc. In fact the balloon tyres ensure a smoother riding experience at all times. The tyres come with Kevlar puncture protection inside and built-in side reflectors on the tyre wall.

The original Tuborg wood crate is available to purchase as an accessory and is not part of the standard Tuborg Cargo bicycle product.

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