Bicycle briefcase - buffalo honey - Velorbis

Bicycle briefcase – buffalo honey

The Velorbis bicycle briefcase is manufactured in hardwearing buffalo crumble leather on the outside and nubuck on the inside for the right exclusive look. The leather briefcase is a bag giving you both functionality and design as it can be fitted on your bicycle and you can carry it around as a normal briefcase. With this bicycle briefcase you are ready to cycle or walk to work and arrive in style. Thie briefcase fits all sizes of iPads.


Classic and simple briefcase bag in a smart, practical and stylish design. The Leather bag is made of heavy duty buffalo skin. Buffalo leather is very durable and has a slightly distressed look, which only becomes more beautiful to look at over time.

The bag is suitable for all iPads.


  • high-quality, hand-crafted buffalo crumble leather
  • fully lined interior
  • adjustable, detachable shoulder belt with non-slip shoulder pad
  • detachable strap to secure the bag on a bicycle frame

Size & Measures

Velorbis Folding Briefcase


For optimal protection, we recommend giving the leather a neutral / uncoloured leather conditioner. The treatment will make the skin slightly darker, but protects the bag from stains and shields caused by water and oil. Leather balm removes / minimize the texture of the raw buffalo skin (worn look) and gives a more uniform expression.

  1. Clean the bag with a dry cloth
  2. Leave the bag dry for 24 hours
  3. Apply leather balm. All visible surfaces of the task are treated
  4. Leave the bag dry for 24 hours.
  5. Ready to use!

NOTE! Untreated leather bags can give color if the leather gets wet and comes in contact with light fabrics and / or textiles. Please note that excessive heat, water and humidity may fuse dyes to bleed or fade.