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Bicycle basket Lamé ladies

Who says that a bicycle basket should be clumsy and only practical. This is not the case with our Lamé ladies bicycle basket, which is a stylish yet very spacious basket for ladies cycles.


  • Custom RAL

Our design inspiration is taken from the superellipse or the Lamé curve and the basket is therefore named after the superellips’ inventor Gabriel Lamé. The base and top of the basket is a Lamé ellipse, where in the middle, it extends to a larger ellipse in this iconic womens basket. The bicycle basket, made of aluminum, weighs no more than 2.1 kg, but can carry a load weight of up to 40 kg, and even with a heavy cargo, the steering capability of your bicycle is not affected due to the fact that the basket is attached on the bicycle frame and not on the handlebars. Lamé ladies basket can be used for ladies bikes from many different bicycle manufacturers, including can be used for bicycles from the following bicycle brands (selected models) Raleigh, Batavus, Gazelle, Pelago, Schindelhauer, Johnny Logo, Pashley, Pilen, Retrovelo, Tokyobike, Cresent, Creme Cycles, Linus, BikeID & Achielle. It is available in 200+ colours. Note the basket is also available in a gents version.

Fits the following Velorbis bicycle models:

Short John Gents
Short John Unisex
Kopenhagen, Classic Ladies
Kopenhagen Balloon Ladies
Kopenhagen Fusion Ladies

Does NOT Fit the following Velorbis bicycle models:

Kopenhagen, Classic Gents
Kopenhagen Balloon Gents
Kopenhagen Fusion Gents
Vintage Racer Gents
Vintage Racer Ladies
Arrow Sport Ladies
Arrow Sport Gents
Arrow Classic Gents
Arrow Classic Ladies
Clara Kids 20″
Anna Kids 24″
William Kids 20″
Christian Kids 24″

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