Arrow Classic Gents - Black - 57 cm - 7 Speed - Velorbis

Arrow Classic Gents – Black – 57 cm – 7 Speed

Designed for those of you aren’t interested in joining the slow bicycle movement, yet are still looking for some seriously stylish wheels. Get to your destination faster, and in uncompromising style. Velorbis’sporty model is called Arrow and by changing the stem and handlebars to a more upright position we have made the Arrow Classic. This is the ideal second bike for fashion-forward urban commuters who need a chic and lightweight bike for small trips where time is crucial. It is also the perfect accompaniment to Velorbis’ main range of classic comfort bicycles.


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Re-design bicycle

If you would like to look smart; here is 13 kg of classic and stylish bicycle that will take you around your city with ease. Our Arrow Classic is a so-called Café racer bicycle. It is sporty but at the same time classic with an ergonomically friendly posture with the upright stem and handel bar. says about Arrow Classic: ‘Developed by Danish bicycle manufacturer Velorbis, the ‘Arrow Ladies Classic’ is an urban commuter bike that gets cyclists to their destination a little faster without compromising on comfort — or style. Speedy, streamlined and slick, the 50cm moss grey steel frame is accessorised with a leather sports saddle and leather handle grips, and features a seven-speed Shimano Nexus’

Maintenance free
Enclosing the gears inside the hub protects you and your bicycle from all types of weather, hence they involve much lower maintenance than the derailleur systems found on most bikes. Another advantage of internal gears is that they are very simple on the outside and come with a chain guard. This is a much cleaner option allowing you to ride in any clothing you choose rather than having to wear specialist cycle gear. Drum brakes in front wheel prevent that brakes must be adjusted regularly. Puncture protection in all tires allows you to roll easily and prevents unpleasant punctures.

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