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Picture this: you have backpacks, and you need to get groceries on the way home. Or maybe this: you work in the trades, you bring tools to work every day, you have to travel a lot between jobs, and you live and work in a hilly area. The Short John cargo bicycle by Velorbis is the answer.

Cargo bicycles goes all the way back to the early 20 century, and were used by tradesmen to deliver milk, bread, and other goods in the absence of the automobile. In Copenhagen, Denmark, bike messengers called ‘svajeres’ carted goods all around the city, and nearly every company owned at least one cargo bike to handle their deliveries.

Our Velorbis Short John cargo cycle is a re-make of the original Danish delivery bicycle from the 1930s. This Butcher’s bike was also remade in the 1980s by Danish bike builders Schmidt & Co. (S.C.O). Our Cargo bicycle is 100% made in Germany based on the old craftsmanship of lugged steel frames. This transport bike is a stunning 7 kg (18 lbs) lighter than its predecessor.

This stunning Short John cargo bike loads up to 40 kgs on the stable front carrier with wood base and remains in balance for loading and offloading while parked, due to the sturdy double kick stand. Short John’s front rack has a low center of gravity due to the small 20″ front wheel and remains stationary when steering. This enables you to ride easily and safely with large loads.

The Short John work bicycle is also knows as the baker’s bike, the butcher’s bike, a deli bike, truck, little John or grocery bike. It is a iconic and heavy duty transport bicycle, that can be equipped with super-cool design functionality and luxurious features and accessories to ensure that you can carry heavy loads and get the job done in style.

The Velorbis Short John delivery bicycle is great for the traditional handyman who uses the bicycle with a front carrier and our wood crate or toolbox. It’s also ideally suited for mobile advertising and displays as the delivery cycle can be tailored to display your company’s colours and logo on its large logo sign or ad plate – a memorable, social and mobile way to promote your brand in situations where a really heavy-duty bicycle is required.

The ladies version of the Short John has a low step-through frame. This is also considered to be unisex bicycle. A large number of men now ride this style of frame thanks to the ease of getting on and off the bicycle and the stylish designs. This model is also perfect for bikeshare programmes and hotel rental programmes.

All our cargo bicycles can now be fitted (and retrofitted) with our Relo mid-drive electric system See more full range of Urban commuting electric bicycles here

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