Perfect for tackling bumpy roads and curbs, our commuter cycles with balloon tyres are the best choice.

Balloon tyres were fashionable in the first half of the last century and were developed to counteract poor road conditions. Today’s balloon tyres by far outperform the balloon tyres from way back then. In fact balloon comfort bikes equipped with 60 mm wide tyres roll easily and are completely effortless to steer. The balloon cycle concept such as Kopenhagen Balloon and Kopenhagen Balloon Deluxe not only makes commuting on bicycles more comfortable, it makes it easy and relaxed. Velorbis choose to use balloon tyres because the pneumatic cushioning of these special wide tyres naturally absorbs bumps and ensures a smoother riding experience at all times.

With 60 mm wide and comfy balloon tyres, this cycle rolls amazingly easily with full suspension effect. Further all Velorbis cycles with balloon tyres have built-in reflectors on the side walls and are equipped with anti-puncture kevlar inside.To learn more about balloon tyres please visit

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