Types of Logobikes

Want to create a great impression about your company?  A Velorbis logo bike could be the answer.  Not only does it cut a dash as it zips around the city streets, bearing your logo and brand colours like a dynamic and well-designed moving bill-board, it also says positive things about your firm’s attitude towards the environment and the health and wellbeing of its employees.  Stylish, responsible and caring – the perfect vision of any modern business, all displayed on one bike!

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Design Your Own Company Logo Bike

Offering a unique and sophisticated solution to your branding needs, Velorbis gives you the option of designing a bike to your very own requirements as every bike is made to order.  Using our Design your Bike tool, you can choose the colour of your cycle and, with over 200 shades to select from, you are bound to find the exact match to your company branding.

After colouring everything from frame, front forks, chain-guard and wheel rims, you are then free to decide which saddle you want.  It could be a comfortable gel one or a traditional leather Brooks saddle which can be matched in colour to the leather handle grips.

Then there are logo plates to be added.  Printed with your company name and logo, they can be placed centrally or also under the luggage carrier which means that the name is still visible when the bike is in a rack.

What will your company bike need to do?  It might be just to advertise your name – if it’s a hotel rental bike for example – but it might be used for carrying work tools or delivering parcels, flowers or even pizzas.  We offer a wide range of luggage racks, baskets and trays to cover your every need to make sure you arrive at your destination safely and in style.

Leg Power or Electric? 

All our different bikes can be adapted to being a company bike so think of what works best with your brand.  Do you want to show traditional retro style with a Copenhagen Classic or a speedy sporty expression with our racers?  The choice is yours.  You can also add an electric motor to nearly all of our models which offers a very real alternative to a company car (and saves your employees from getting too tired legs at the same time!)

European Quality and Style

All our bikes are designed in Denmark and made in Germany.  This ensures great style but also great quality – both strong attributes to have associated with your company.  We make our bikes by hand using a traditional sleeve-assembly technique that ensures a strong and durable frame and also gives the covetable retro look that spells out sophistication and reliability.  As our production is in Europe, it also has the advantage of saving considerably on the carbon footprint of your logo bike as we avoid the long transportation involved in mass produced bikes.

Our logo bikes are already part of everyday life of some forward-thinking organisations like Falck and Folketing and used by such luxury hotels as Copenhagen’s Hotel D’Angleterre or Florence’s Hotel Savoy.  They are also often used as shop displays and as the centre of company events.

Feel free to contact us to discuss how a Velorbis logo bike can be an advantage to your company now!