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Velorbis cycle collection gives you many choices in the genre of classic men’s and women’s bicycles. We have both simple classic bikes and the more luxurious models called Deluxe. Our bikes are designed in Denmark and manufactured in Germany. We have bikes in the categories of classic bicyclesballoon bicycles, cargo bicyclessports bicycleselectric bicycles and logo-branded bicycles. They are all designed with the same goal; to ride in style…

Our cycling history
Based in Copenhagen – Velorbis is built on more than 100 years of Danish cycling culture –  and we are experiencing this unique cycle culture every day, being born and bred here in Copenhagen. There is even a saying called ‘Cycling the Copenhagen Way’ or ‘Copenhagenize your ride’ Danes uses the bicycle for all kind of purposes such as shopping, transporting kids and commuting to and from work. The geometric comfortable riding style combined with all-weather components enables you to ride your bicycles in all seasons through rain, snow, sun or frost.

Our Danish-designed cycles belong to a category of classic, retro vintage or comfort bicycles. Our Kopenhagen ladies program is characterized by the iconic loop-shaped frame, that enables a high vantage point. This bicycle style is also known as an upright bike, a Dutch-style bicycle or a sit-up-and-beg bicycle

Maintenance free
Enclosing the gears inside the hub protects you and your bicycle from all types of weather, hence they involve much lower maintenance than the derailleur systems found on most bikes. Another advantage of internal gears is that they are very simple on the outside and come with a chain guard. This is a much cleaner option allowing you to ride in any clothing you choose rather than having to wear specialist cycle gear. Drum brakes in front wheel prevents that brakes must be adjusted regularly. Puncture protection in all tires allow you to roll easily and prevents unpleasant puntures.

LightWEIGHT cycling experience
Traditional classic style commuter bicycles tend to be heavier than carbon bikes, racer bikes and mountain bikes, etc. We have produced our traditionally lugged and brazed hand-built frames from the highest quality German steel, rather than using the traditional and heavier hi-ten steel frames you find on other steel bicycles today. These initiatives therefore reduce the overall WEIGHT of our bicycles to stunning 12-18 kg (28-36 lbs), making them a perfect fit for navigating through traffic jams, lifting on and off trains or down steps, etc.

Design flexibility
Velorbis has launched the MyVelorbis Cycle Creator an innovative new way for customers to become bike designers by customising and personalising their favourite Velorbis model. The MyVelorbis Cycle Creator is a new and comprehensive online design tool, and it changes the way people can choose and buy a bicycle. Customers can create their perfect bike and put their stamp on the way it looks with their combination of colours, components and accessories.

MyVelorbis Cycle Creator is straightforward and fun to use. Firstly, customers choose a Velorbis bicycle model from eight options. Secondly, they select components from more than 10 options, such as a front carrier or a basket. Companies can use this function to select advertising plate(s), which they can brand by uploading their logo, slogan, etc. Thirdly, customers pick their colours from literally all the colours of the rainbow – 203 colours in total. Finally, they can add their finishing touches with cycle accessories from the current Velorbis range.


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