Copenhagen, 23 May 2017, Velorbis, the Danish bicycle and accessories brand, unveils today an innovative new way for customers to become bike designers by customising and personalising their favourite Velorbis model. The MyVelorbis Cycle Creator, a new and comprehensive online design tool, changes the way people can choose and buy a bicycle. Customers can create their perfect bike and put their stamp on the way it looks with their combination of colours, components and accessories.

Kenneth Bødiker, CEO of Velorbis says, “We have a standard range of colours that we love but we didn’t want to stop there. We wanted to let our customers decide what works for them. There is nothing on the bicycle market quite like it. Instead of simply offering a few models, colours and components to choose from – and no accessories – we offer millions of combinations that can inspire and fire customers’ imaginations.”

MyVelorbis Cycle Creator is straightforward and fun to use. Firstly, customers choose a Velorbis bicycle model from eight options. Secondly, they select components from more than 10 options, such as a front carrier or a basket. Companies can use this function to select advertising plate(s), which they can brand by uploading their logo, slogan, etc. Thirdly, customers pick their colours from literally all the colours of the rainbow – 203 colours in total. Finally, they can add their finishing touches with cycle accessories from the current Velorbis range.

The completed masterpiece can then be shared online on social networks – with friends and family as well as business associates and colleagues if it’s a branded bike. After purchasing, the standard delivery time of 4-6 weeks applies and, as with all Velorbis bicycles, the bicycle models are designed in Denmark and made in Germany, which enables this short lead time.

MyVelorbis Cycle Creator reflects the consumer shift towards personalisation and customisation of branded lifestyle products. The online tool lets customers put their individual twist on their purchase, creating something unique that suits their style and will always be special to them. Customers can be inspired by fashion colours, classic shades, art-inspired mixes, national colours, sports team colours, and different variations of a tone – red on red, all the blues, etc.

Equally, companies and organisations can make a statement and be on-brand in an eye-catching and mobile way with branded advertising plates. As with pop-up stores, branded bicycles can pop up at prime locations or marketing events, any time.

“By letting customers choose the colours they love, their bicycle will always be timeless to them, just like the clothes they wear, the interior design they choose, the art they hang on their walls,” concludes Kenneth Bødiker. “It’s storytelling on two wheels – with the same high-quality that comes with a Velorbis bicycle.”

Try the MyVelorbis Cycle Creator on to design your bike and colour your world.
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