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A ride on the bike reduces stress.

Velorbis want to work closely with businesses to encourage cycling initiatives and a healthier lifestyle for both employers and employees. As we all know; a healthy body equals a healthy and motivated mind.

The company bicycles from Velorbis will avoid the expensive taxi bills and parking fines, and will help you to arrive at your meetings in the city on time – and in good style.

Remember the company bike is your mobile business card, that can be parked free of charge almost anywhere you would like your company logo to be seen.

Design your own company bicycles

Velorbis has a flexible production at our plant in Germany which means that we have short delivery times of 4-6 weeks, we also have the ability to tailor bikes to your company’s specific needs.

You can configure the logo bikes as you want and mix composition of color selection from more than 500 RAL colors. There is the option to color the following components on the bike of your choice:

  • Frame / frame (powder-coated)     
  • Front fork (can be chrome-plated or powder-coated)     
  • Front carrier (powder-coated)     
  • Aluminum basket (powder-coated)     
  • Luggage rack (powder-coated)     
  • Advertising plates (powder coated)     
  • Chain guard (powder-coated)     
  • Mudguards (powder-coated)

In addition, you can select the color of the leather collection on the bike.

We can make exactly the color scheme you want at no additional cost with the purchase of min. 5 cycles. We can laser engrave your logo in the bottom of the basket, front carrier or on a wooden box which is fixed onto the front carrier (min. 5 cycles). For larger orders, we can also make special badges in metal and laser engraving of company logo in the metal luggage racks (min. 50 cycles).

Does your company just needed a single bike with advertising plate and logo we will be very happy to help you with that. We can mount advertising plates on both women’s and men models. When purchasing a minimum of five company bikes we will give you the option to pick your own colour of the bike for free.

We are working with many companies around the world and you can see some of our recent projects here.

Sizes of the logo and the requirements for logo files

If you want a well visible logo on our lady bikes we can print your logo on folio of 2 pieces of metal plates that are  mounted on the bicycle’s luggage racks. Advertising plate text field where you can get the logo visible measures 30 cm (length) x 8 cm (height). If you would like logo printed in folio on our cargo bicycles the advertising plate text field where you can get its logo visible measures 50 cm (length) x 10 cm (height).

On the men’s bicycles we can also mount logo plates on luggage carriers as described above. Before we can produce your logo printed in folio, we need a print-ready file in AI .eps format – there are layers (layer) divided, vectorized and out-lined texts.

Hotel Bicycles

We design bicycles for hotels and work with the companies to make sure that the hotel’s rental bikes reflect the values of what the hotel stands for, so customers have a good experience around town on a quality bicycles. We work with hotels ‘interior designers and we can tailor rental bikes to hotels’ branding and image. Thus, there is a common thread in the hotels design and appearance both inside and out with the bikes in the city.

Velorbis currently supply hotel bikes for a wide range of Denmark’s largest and most exclusive hotels. On our reference include:

D’anglererre, Nimb Hotel, Kokkedal Slot, Carlsberg Guest House, Hotel Savoy, Firenze, Old Bank Hotel, Oxford, Old Parsonage Hotel, Oxford.

Contact us for more information.