At Velorbis, we believe that your style and appearance should support you in your actions and beliefs. We love everything about bicycles! We love how cycling empowers people to make them feel better and look stronger and happier.

There is a tremendous excess of bicycles in the Western world. Sadly, most of them are cheaply produced under poor conditions and will be discarded shortly after being bought. The road from idea generation, to manufacturing, to in-store is constantly being reduced by fast bicycle retailers. The so-called fashion cycle is spinning out of control; so much so that seasons no longer exist. That development has come at a price. The price is that the consumers have come to expect everything to always be on sale. If this trend continues, true craftsmanship by independent and original companies will be crushed by generic mass-consumerism where compromise is the only common denominator. We can’t keep up, and the planet can’t keep up.

At Velorbis, we do not want to be a part of the race to the bottom. We believe in long lasting quality products, and the loyal relationship between people and their cycles. We believe in buying less but better. We believe in slowness, in listening closer and acting wiser. Our wish is that you will spend a few minutes to consider what you buy and why.