Velorbis has linked up with Cycling Denmark in association with Visit Denmark; the kingdom’s official tourist board, to further promote the accessibility, health benefits and enjoyment of Danish cycling culture. Our ‘lady in red’ classic bicycle, Dannebrog, is the exclusive competition prize in Pedal 2009, Cycling Denmark’s official magazine. 

The competition question: How many kilometres of sign posted cycle paths exist in Denmark?
One lucky winner will soon by clocking up the kilometres in relaxed, effortless style on her exquisite Velorbis Dannebrog bicycle.


Take a tip from the Danes. Find out about how a holiday on a bicycle can be fun; see Visit Denmark.

Read some cool blogs on Copenhagen cycling culture and style: Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Copenhagenize.


Velorbis’ Dannebrog ladies bicycle and Scrap Deluxe gents bicycle were voted top of the list in the “Going up” section of the “Going up Going down” lifestyle product review in New Zealand’s national Sunday newspaper, Sunday Star Times in September.

The list regularly reviews what is hot and what is not in the world of consumer lifestyle products.

Velorbis bicycles are undeniably ‘must have’ items. They are described as “Uber-cool bikes imported from Denmark for those who are eco-conscious yet staunchly stylish.” We couldn’t agree more!

Sunday_Star_Times_feature is an online store for the fashion conscious cyclist. Cyclechic sells strictly stylish accessories and bicycles for the modern, urban cyclist. 

velorbis_cyclechic (1)Caz Nicklin started the blog London Cycle Chic (Londoncyclechic. in November 2007, to promote cycling as a stylish mode of transport. She wasn’t alone in her views; the blog now attracts 60 000 unique users a month worldwide, allowing Caz to give up her day job, and turn the blog into a business.The website launched in spring 2008 offering tips and advice, plus carefully selected products for the growing market of stylish female cyclists.A year on, and as cycling continues to flourish; the demand for fashionable products is high.

Cyclechic have expanded their collection, to include Satchels, Cherry Blossom Panniers and Velorbis bicycles, all available now at, liberating ladies from Lycra, all over the world!


Thanks to our friends at Let’s go ride a bike for their great review of our red beauty, the Velorbis Dannebrog ladies classic bicycle, in their ‘Beautiful Bicycles’ feature in May this year.

The Dannebrog bicycle test ride experience is described as “smooth and sweet” – sums up the style and charisma of Dannebrog exactly.

Let’s go ride a bike is the inspiring street style cycling blog that was created by Trisha and Dottie; two girls who practice city cycling with style and wished to share their insights and stories about their adventures on two wheels.



According to Bike Biz’s 2009 industry salary survey, women are still drastically underrepresented in the trade, with females representing as little as 5% of the UK’s bicycle business.

“Companies such as Velorbis are working hard to attract female consumers to cycling. But maybe the bike business needs to also work harder at tempting women to join the industry,” said Bike Biz. 

We definitely agree with Bike Biz. 

Velorbis has always strived to highlight the practicality and lifestyle benefits of cycling equally to both our male and female customers – and inject some glamour into the industry – through our imagery and our carefully designed range of classic bicycle icons that suit all lifestyle needs and personal styles.


In the Newsweek article – “Cycling While Styling” – Erin Prah makes the link between fashion and bicycles and talks about how chic, retro styled statement cycles combine utility with luxurious good looks.

We’re pleased to say that our funky and unique Scrap Deluxe ladies and Scrap Deluxe gents designer bikes got the seal of approval from Erin’s expert eye. 

“Leading the pack in true vintage style is the Velorbis Scrap Deluxe. This silver attention-getter comes with blond balloon tires. Its mustache-shaped handlebars and luxury leather grips and saddle are designed for utmost comfort and posture alignment.”

Read the Newsweek article in full.



Velorbis’s Victoria Classic ladies bicycle and Churchill Classic gents bike were featured in The Times article – “Sit up and take notice” – in which journalist Andrew Martin applauds the return of a classic bicycle shape in his prelude to the 2007 London Cycle Show. 

“A company called Velorbis will be exhibiting the latest in its range of ‘elegant, classic bicycles at the show. The firm is Danish (the sit-up-and-beg has always been popular in Northern Europe), but its models have Anglophile names, and are described in fogeyish, fascinatingly non-PC language: ‘Victoria, the ladies model, takes its curvilinear shape from the subtle, smooth lines of the female form’. While ‘Churchill, our classic gents model, reflects the sturdy, muscular contours of the male physique.'”

Read The Times article in full.